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Mokha is a city and the port of Old famous , one of the ports old that I mentioned inscriptions hamria as ( Mkhn ) has made the city of Mokha roles important historical before and after Islam, has registered the name Mokha in the inscriptions Yemeni ancient handwriting predicate , such as the pattern of the King " Joseph Assar " famous " relegated Nawas " the inscription King" Joseph Assar ". Mokha city suffered several military campaigns by the aspirants in Yemen, the most important Portuguese campaigns that have sprung up in the (early tenth century ) on the coast of Yemen , and this was a major cause of campaigns compete with the Ottoman Empire , and the British government on the region.
I took the city of Mokha regain her life as a commercial center until I was in ( the seventeenth century ) at the height of its prosperity , he says, of " Alwasee " ( the name of Mokha called Franks finest coffee not have any (MOCHA COFFEE, which means son of Mokha ). Has coffee was the most important commodity Yemeni exported to the outside through the port of Mokha in ages talk , in addition to patience, and incense, and sticks arak , in ancient times , also issued large amounts of raisins. and began Port Mokha loses its importance in the late ( nineteenth century ) with the booming port of Aden, which care by the British, and the port of Hodeidah established by the Ottomans at the time, also increased the decline in the city of Mokha what it suffered during the wars destroyed castles and demolished houses , palaces and luxury stores large , first : during the war, the Ottoman Italian year (1911 AD) , and the second : During the First World War when destroyed by the British in their fight against the Ottomans in ( 1915 AD) , in addition to the decline in coffee production in Yemen due to the emergence of new producers of milk in the world , such as Brazil and Mexico.


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Mokha, Taiz, R.O.Yemen